Items Your Professional Landscaper Might Use

Hiring a landscaper can be a little scary if you’ve never had work done on your yard. You’ll wonder what they’ll suggest, whether they think your current yard is a disaster and other anxiety driven thoughts. These professionals are harmless, and they just want to make your yard look the best it can. They might need to use your budget to add a few things to your yard. A few of those items include topsoil, sand, and gravel. There is a master plan in the works for each of these products. Make sure you relax and trust your landscaper. Let them know the feel or style you are aiming for and they can do the rest.


Your landscaper might recommend topsoil to provide soil in the dryer areas of your yard. If you plan to add a mini garden in a dry area or inside of a planter, your landscaper would recommend topsoil to give your plants the best chance of thriving. Topsoil is great for various types of plants as well as vegetables. Topsoil is a good choice because it is full of organic matter and nutrients. This soil can come in a bag or depending on the area your landscaper needs to cover it can be purchased in bulk. When you’re ready to try out a healthier soil just search for any type of  topsoil puyallup wa.


If you plan on building a walkway with pavers your landscaper might suggest a sand underlayment. The sand can also be used to make a concrete mix. It’s good for new construction and renovations. Play sand is a great choice for your children’s play area if you have a sand box. It comes in a natural brown color and can also be used to fill in patches in the lawn, holes, or as a cover for walkways. This product is available in bag or bulk.


Landscapers use gravel the same way they use mulch. It works by keeping the moisture in the surface of the soil. Gravel is a better choice because it won’t be blown away with the wind. Rock gardens are safe with any size gravel as they don’t get much traffic. Overall the gravel will be a decorative addition to the garden or yard. Landscapers might suggest the use of gravel if you prefer a cleaner and simpler mulch effect. Gravel comes in various shades and it is a budget friendly choice. Even though gravel is so simple, there is still a different choice you’d make when selecting for your walkway versus your rock garden. A walking path would be much more comfortable if you use the finer gravel which has a softer feel under the foot.


If you are struggling with the exterior of your property and you think you need professional help, contact a landscaper. They are experienced with many surfaces and they know how to treat outdoor areas. They have the knowledge needed for successfully growing your garden and making your yard look very cozy and inviting.