How Plate Metal Has Become a Way of Life

Plate metal is a steel alloy that is used in a variety of applications in which saving weight is more important than durability. One of the most common uses is as a material in the crash tests for automobiles. While steel alloys have been used for many years it was not until the creation of the Bessemer process that it became more efficient and cost-effective.

The Bessemer Process

Created by Sir Henry Bessemer around the 1850s this process allowed for steel to be mass-produced into many forms including sheet metal, metal foil, and plate metal. Plate metal is typically considered and form of sheet metal that is more than 6mm in thickness. Largely outdated now, the Bessemer Process is when a blast of air in a special retort is used to remove impurities such as carbon and silicone from steel. This method had a tremendous effect on the steel industry by increasing production and thereby allowing construction companies to increase their output.

Uses of Plate Metal

Plate metal can be largely found in construction and structural applications such as bridges and buildings. However, since the material is highly durable, it is also commonly used by the military for projects that include tanks, helicopters and in shipbuilding for the Navy. The military is not the only industry that has had use for plate metals. They are found in common construction implements such as repair pieces or in the building of offshore facilities.

However, it can also be found in some unexpected applications such as metal stair railings in homes, artwork, and furniture. It is very common to see metal furniture used not only on outdoor furniture but also used in curio cabinets and bakers racks. Metal furniture has long been a popular choice for those who enjoy a contemporary and attractive look to their homes or business. Not to mention objects such as clothes irons and waffle makers have made our lives a little bit easier. Because of the diversity in application plate metal can be produced by many manufacturers all over the country. Businesses such as Plate Metal Supply san antonio tx, are widely available which is definitely beneficial to the construction industries in the area.

As the construction industry in San Antonio, Texas requires many types of plate steel in all sizes, it does become necessary to find a manufacturer that can supply their needs. What a railway company needs are very different from what would be needed by a company that builds prefabricated buildings. The demand for plate steel is especially high in areas in which a military presence is evident


Plate metal has become a core component of the construction industry. Impacting not only how a manufacturer creates new products but also in the cost of doing so. Previously, the creation was not only time consuming, but very expensive. Today, plate metal can be mass-produced in sufficient quantities to provide material for a variety of products that are used in practically every industry.